School Fundraising Scituate, RI

Are you searching for the best fundraising options in Scituate, Rhode Island? Look no further than the award-winning programs that MCM Fundraising Inc. offers.

We are proud to be fundraising distributors of:

  • Butter Braid Pastry
  • Classic Cookie Dough
  • Joyful Traditions Cake Roll
  • Lyman Orchards Pie

Fall is here, and it is one of our favorite times to set up fundraisers. Our delicious cake rolls make the perfect dessert for any Thanksgiving dinner, and who can resist freshly baked pies around the holidays? Now is the perfect time to set up a Classic Cookie Dough & Cake Roll sale because the delivery will be here in time for Thanksgiving! However, we highly encourage you to act quickly as spots tend to fill up fast.

In regard to budget cuts, we understand that there are restricted funds available to students every year. This is why we strongly recommend fundraising so that students can participate in as many recreational activities as possible. MCM Fundraising Inc. proudly offers fun and unique school fundraising programs all throughout Scituate and surrounding towns in Rhode Island. It is our mission to allow schools to overpower budget deficits and enjoy all of the activities that they very much deserve.

It is our goal at MCM Fundraising to raise as much money as possible with our programs, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will do it. We have worked hard to create fundraising programs that are exceptionally effective. Our goal is to offer products that will appeal to all age groups so that we can target a wide scope of customers. Furthermore, because our products typically sell themselves, you will be free to organize incentives to increase sales. When you have different teams offering fundraisers, you can have them compete to maximize sales. 

Why Choose MCM Fundraising Inc.

At MCM Fundraising Inc., we want the best for every student. We believe that every student should experience as many things as possible inside the classroom, and out. There are so many resources and facilities available that our students should have access to. We are so proud to offer tried and tested fundraising programs and quick-selling products that allow students to raise ample amounts of money to enjoy all of the activities that they want to.

At MCM Fundraising, we guarantee that you can earn your much-needed funds quickly and effortlessly. Fundraisers take a few minutes to set up, and we will handle the rest. To learn more about our services, call 1-888-774-5889 today!