Butter Braid® Pastry and Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls

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Butter Braid® Pastries are light and flaky, containing mouthwatering fillings like cinnamon, blueberry cream cheese and various fruit flavors. Unlike a dense bread, Butter Braid® Pastries are hand-braided with a sweet dough base containing over 25 layers of light, airy dough and 100% real butter. This gives the one-and-only Butter Braid® pastry its unique and incredible flavor! Thaw, Rise & Bake. Icing packet included. Great for breakfast, dessert or any special occasion. Very profitable AND exclusive to fundraising! 

 The Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls are made from scratch and are great for the Holidays and special occasions. The Cake Rolls are frozen so you can use them when it’s convenient for you. Just thaw the Cake Rolls and they are ready to serve!

Our complimentary E-Fundraising platform allows customers to pay with a credit card! Plus, give you our Simply Shipped Collection, a line of non-perishable items that can be shipped to family and friends across the country!

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Our Simply Shipped Collection

Our Simply Shipped Collection is added to your fundraiser, a line of non-perishable items that can be shipped to family and friends across the country.

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Butter Braid® Pastry 

Selling Price: $16.00


  • Sell over 750 items = $6.60 per pastry
  • Sell 175 - 749 items = $6.40 per pastry
  • Sell 96 - 174 items = $4.50 per pastry
  • Sell up to 95 items = $3.50 per pastry

Joyful Traditions Cake Roll

Selling Price: $16.00


  • Sell over 750 items, $6.60 per roll
  • Sell 175 - 749 items = $6.40 per roll
  • Sell 96 - 174 items = $4.50 per roll
  • Sell up to 95 items = $3.50 per roll

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