• Even with other organizations nearby selling items at the same time, we were able to sell over 350 items, making over $1500 profit.  Most definitely will be doing this annually.  Customer service was the best I have ever experienced - extremely professional and prompt, yet still communicated a genuine caring for our results and satisfaction.

  • The pies seriously sold themselves.  We had a little contest going for a pizza party… We sold 500 pies effortlessly - First timers too!  We also gave a family 4 pack of movie tickets to the highest sellers (Cost us $25.00 each pack - 2 families won) - Both sold 30 pies each! We made $3,000! We are definitely selling again for Thanksgiving.

  • Dynamite!  Everyone I spoke to or emailed was quick to reply and courteous.  I love knowing the order will be without flaws, timely, and the drivers always so nice.

  • This time around we did the Butter braided bread and cookie dough with some online direct ship options. Everything was a hit! The MCM Team is phenomenal to work with and the products are delicious!!!

  • This is one of the easiest fundraisers to organize, even during a pandemic. The pies and cookie dough always sell and are delicious! Having it all online and with additional items that ship directly to the purchaser was key this year. MCM worked with us to have delivery off school campus and the gentleman who delivered our items was fantastic. Cannot say enough kind words about everyone at MCM who helped us make this possible this year!

  • Our booster club has a long standing relationship with MCM, which stems from a combination of the quality products they delivery and the exceptional customer service. The e-fundraising platform was a game changer and allowed our organization to safely fundraise this year!

  • We’ve had great success with the pie and cookie dough fundraisers for the past 10 years. This season was no exception! Despite the covid-19 limitations we still had a successful fundraiser due to the new online ordering features!


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