Simply Shipped Collection (only)

Program Flyer

Our Simply Shipped Collection is the perfect contact-free, online fundraising solution! The direct-to-door program can be run on it’s own, or it can be added to any of our frozen fundraisers! All Simply Shipped items earn 40% profit, so it’s a great way to maximize selling efforts! While all frozen fundraisers require a local delivery to the group, Simply Shipped items don’t require any delivery coordinating! You do the selling, and we handle the shipping! Reach friends and family who want to support the fundraiser but are not local. Provide an alternative to customers looking for a completely no-contact option! Use this as a tool to make your fundraiser fit all of your needs!


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Simply Shipped Collection Profit

Profit Per Item Sold:

Beef Jerky: $8.00 per item sold

12 oz. Freedom Flag Tumbler: $5.98

20 oz. Teal and Black stainless Tumblers: $7.98

28 oz. Live, Laugh, Love Tumbler: $11.98

4 pack Omar Coffee: $18.00

Single serve cup Decaf and Snickerkicker decaf coffee: $5.98

Single pack all other flavors: $5.40

Coffee “K” Cup Breakfast Blend: $5.20

Rainforest Alliance: $5.80

Coffee “K” Cup Fair Trade Nicaraguan $6.40

3 pack Emma’s Gourmet popcorn: $12.80

Single bag Caramel, Chocolate Peanut butter and Dark Chocolate popcorn flavors: $8.80

All other popcorn flavors: $7.60

Latitude 40 Granola: $4.40

Baked mini cookies: $4.60

Super Soups: $6.38

Teas: $4.40

Granolas: $4.40

Trail Mixes: $5.40