What is our Simply Shipped Collection?
Our Simply Shipped Collection is a collection of different items that are sold exclusively online either on their own, or in addition to the frozen fundraiser that your group is running.
This is a ship direct-to-door program that goes straight to customers, nationwide! There is no delivery to facilitate and no forms or money to collect as everything has been purchased and paid for online!
All of our Simply Shipped products automatically earn 40% profit for the group no matter what!
You can see all of the products here: https://my.mcmfundraising.com/programs/simply-shipped-collection-only/


Does selling online cost anything for the Group?
No! Using our E-fundraising platform is a complimentary service we provide our customers.  There is a service fee for online purchasing that the customer covers.
We want you to be able to sell whichever way works best for you! Using the online platform does not change the profit you make or take away anything from the group’s earnings!
Selling online is a huge time saver for you! It minimizes form and money management. Your profit is automatically calculated and broken down by seller!

I want to run a fundraiser- What are my next steps?

First, take a look at our programs page. You can click the flyer in each program to see product, pricing and profit info! https://my.mcmfundraising.com/programs/
You can sign up for any of our fundraising programs at https://my.mcmfundraising.com/sign-up/
We will send you a confirmation email, or reach out with delivery options if we don’t have the delivery that you requested! Once you receive your confirmation email, we will email an instructional email to walk you through setting up your group leader account online. Once you complete your group leader registration, you can log into your fundraiser to customize your program, check on the status of your sales, invite participants, and sell to your own family and friends. Your group leader dashboard will be your portal for everything you need throughout your fundraiser!

How do I get participants involved in their E-Fundraiser, and increase my online sales?
The best way to get your sellers to register and participate online, is by adding their contacts into your e-fundraiser. This will send them an email invitation directly to your fundraiser, where they can register and sell, by creating their own username and password. This will allow them to log in and log out of their fundraiser, track their sales, and invite their own family and friends to purchase from them. Dropping your contacts into our system takes less than two minutes, and we’ve seen groups quadruple their sale by completing this step!
Take a look at our How To below:

How do I get my profit money?
If the majority of your group’s sales are online, people will be paying with credit card, and MCM will cut a check to YOU for your earnings! If the majority of the sales are paper orders and you have received cash and checks from participants, YOU will owe MCM a check at the point of delivery! Once you submit your order, we will let you know exactly who owes who what!

How much profit are we making?
Our profit scale is sliding, so the more you sell the more you make!
Go here: https://my.mcmfundraising.com/programs/. Click on the program you are running to see your profit scale

How does delivery work?
For tips on delivery of our frozen programs, go here: https://my.mcmfundraising.com/resources/delivery-day-tips/
*E-fundraising group leaders MUST print out the participants’ order forms prior to delivery. This will tell you what products were purchased online that need to go home with which participants. You should send the participants home with these forms, so they know who to distribute their product to.
Remember, that any items sold online from our Simply Shipped collection will not be a part of delivery, as they have already been sent directly to customers! Likewise, all frozen items will arrive at your delivery, regardless of whether or not they were purchased online. We do not ship frozen items!

What if people don’t come pick up their product?
Have a game plan in place and let people know! Additionally, for sellers who choose to utilize our online platform, there is an automated email reminding them of pickup date and time! Determine whether or not you have any available freezer space to keep product overnight. If not, let the participants know that their product will be donated if it is not picked up on time.

What if people try to turn in their orders after the deadline?
It is up to the group leader’s discretion if you would like to take any late orders.
We will do our best to accommodate any late orders, but we cannot always. Give us a call and we can see if an addition is feasible.

How should I organize the orders at delivery?
The driver will line up your order by product in the way that it appears on your order forms. This makes it easy to start at one end of your product, and work your way down each order form to pick your participant’s orders! Every box is clearly marked with colored tape to keep you organized!

How long can the product be out for at delivery?
Our braided pastry can be out of the freezer for 2-4 hours. The pies, cookie dough, and cake rolls can be out for 6-8.

Do we need to have a freezer at the space for delivery?
Most places do not have freezer space, so no. We schedule delivery and you can schedule pick-up at an appropriate time, so that the product won’t be left out for too long. You should communicate with participants that because there is not freezer space available, it is important to be prompt for pickup!

I have participants with allergies- what’s in the products?
All of our products have their ingredients listed on our website. Go here: https://my.mcmfundraising.com/programs/.
Select the program you are doing and then click on the individual item for a full ingredients list for each!

How to sign in online as a Group Leader?
Several weeks prior to the start of your fundraiser, we will send you a Group Leader Setup email. Included is a link that will allow you to register as a group leader for your upcoming fundraiser. Even if you’ve been a group leader in the past, you still need to re-register to be a part of your new fundraiser. You can use the same email and password that you’ve used in the past! Once you login, you’ll see your group leader dashboard, and the toggle switch to allow you to operate as both a group leader and a participant for your fundraiser!

How to register as a participant to sell online?
Each fundraiser will have a link on the back of your order form, or a QR code that can be scanned to access your setup your online sale! Even if you’ve sold online with a previous fundraiser, you have to re-register to be able to participate online with your new sale!
Once you register with a username and password, you’ll be able to access your digital dashboard where you can find your storefront, send out your fundraiser to family and friends, and track your progress throughout your sale!

Are your products Kosher?
All of our Lyman Orchards pies, Classic Cookie dough, and Joyful Traditions cake rolls are certified Kosher. Butter braid pastries are not Kosher.

Do you ship directly to a customers’ home?
All of our frozen products are delivered in-person, to one location. The sellers are responsible for getting the products they sold to customers. We do not ship frozen items directly to customers’ homes.
HOWEVER, our Simply Shipped Collection was created as a direct-to-customer line so that you can avoid in-person delivery for these items. The Simply Shipped Collection is added to all our frozen programs!