Delivery Day Tips


Delivery Day Tips
Congratulations!  You have completed your fundraiser.

Things to remember for Delivery Day:

  • Print your participant order forms from your group leader dashboard. You’ll see the button under “Downloads” on the right side of your dash. 

  • Staple any online orders to the order form handed in by the participant.
  • Have a spot picked out to receive delivery and sort order. (Tables work well for Pastry deliveries) This location must be accessible by a hand truck/pallet jack to speed up unloading for the driver. 
  • Please be able, or have a volunteer available who can assist our drivers in efficiently unloading your order!
  • Payment is due at delivery in the form of check payable to MCM Fundraising LLC (bank check preferred)


8 steps to insure an efficient delivery:

  1. Be available a ½ hr. prior to your scheduled delivery time. (drivers may arrive early)
  2. Make sure YOU are available to sign for delivery.
  3. Please be as specific as possible about where you would like our driver to go! ie entrance, parking lot, landmarks Please text or email us with specifications!
  4. Please allow driver to bring all items in before distributing. This is so they can double check and count making sure you have all the items.
  5. Volunteers should work in pairs. One person reads the order while the other person picks the order.
  6. Products can be out of the freezer for the following amount of time:
    1. Butter Braid Pastries: 2-4 Hrs.
    2. Cookie Dough, Pies, and Cake Rolls: 6-8 Hrs.
  7. Please inform parents that product MUST BE PLACED IN FREEZER IMMEDIATELY after pick up!!!!
  8. No returns after delivery.


For questions you may have regarding your delivery, please contact our office at 860-375-8138.