Spring Sports Fundraising-New Hampshire

Spring Sports Fundraising-New Hampshire

Warmer weather is approaching here in New Hampshire and it’s time to start fundraising for Spring Sports! In this ever-changing economy, budgets are stretched thin and school fundraising for track and team sports, class activities and trips, music and arts are in danger of elimination. Throughout the state of New Hampshire, high school athletic budgets need a shot in the arm before the year is half over!   Students in New Hampshire towns like Windham, NH, Hanover, NH, and Contoocook, NH look forward to their school sports in the spring. Therefore, successful, high profit school fundraising programs in are more important than ever! MCM Fundraising wants to help students and parents throughout the state achieve and possibly even exceed their goals.

High School Spring Sports Fundraising in New Hampshire

Everyone loves high school sports. By the time Spring arrives, many high schools find that softball, swimming, tennis, and track and field have somehow depleted the sports budget. Student athletes and the community look forward to the coming spring sports programs including baseball, softball, track and lacrosse. Students recognize the importance of earning funds needed to keep their team sports in play.  At MCM, we recognize that fundraising develops important social skills and builds confidence. A successful team can confidently sell the story to the public, set high goals, and benefit their school and community.

Elementary School Fundraising in New Hampshire 

Students in elementary school gain many benefits from participating in teams and groups. Students in Lebanon, NH, Hollis, NH, and Sunapee, NH in the elementary grades may initiate fundraising efforts to raise money for programs where budgets fall short. In many communities throughout the state, budgetary constraints make fund raising necessary to pay for needed items, supplies, services and programs. The in-school and extracurricular activities in public elementary schools are expensive. Pushback from the taxpaying public to keep school budgets manageable may put important school programs at risk.

How Fundraising builds character in elementary age students

Moreover, there are many benefits to raising money. The process of working toward a common goal as a group is a skill students will build upon throughout life. The individual learns to behave as an integral part of a team, listen to and contribute ideas, form team goals, make decisions, make compromises, understand his role as a member of a group, and meet a challenge from the perspective of team goals. There is value in learning to adjust team plans in response to change, as well.

MCM Fundraising Offers Six Winning Programs

When MCM Fundraising participates with your school, we’ll show you how to maximize your team efforts, how to publicize your drive, and offer programs proven to appeal to people of all ages. Entire classes can get involved to raise funds for sports, art, music/band, or even a class trip like going to Washington, D.C. Funds raised by local parents and children benefit the student athletes, the school, and enrich the community.

Some of our featured products include Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and Kansas Maid™ Pastry brands offered by MCM. These will lead your fundraising team to sweet success. These brands are easy to sell in any season and make great desserts for the freezer. The Otis Spunkmeyer® ready-to-bake cookie dough can be conveniently stored in the freezer until ready to use. Who can resist Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastries? Thaw, Rise, and Bake!

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