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If you are looking for the best in contact-free fundraising for your project in Madison CT, rely on the experts at MCM Fundraising. It is not too late to book your spring or early summer fundraiser! From ButterBraid pastries and Cake Rolls to Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and more, MCM Fundraising has the delicious treats guaranteed to drive results! MCM’s frozen fundraisers are 100% virtual and contact-free. For almost three decades, the dedicated staff at MCM Fundraising has worked to develop only the most successful fundraising programs.

MCM Fundraising is a private, family-owned Connecticut company that has the powerful marketing tools and team needed to elevate your fundraising campaign. Work smarter, not harder, with MCM Fundraising. We have designed fool-proof fundraising templates for church groups, bands, sports teams, school groups, and more. When you want a no-nonsense strategy, amazing product lines, and social media support and training, call MCM Fundraising.

When you work with MCM Fundraising, you will get the maximum return for your group. Groups can earn up to 40% profit on our frozen treat fundraisers! MCM Fundraising has worked with our fundraising teams to maximize their profits while having fun selling items everyone enjoys. For 25 years, MCM Fundraising has helped local businesses, students, school bands, PTOs, and more to achieve their fundraising objectives. We bring our expertise to the table and offer the fast-selling food products that everyone loves. Call upon MCM Fundraising to give you pointers on publicizing your campaign and in coordinating your fundraising with social media. It only takes a phone call to get started! Call 1-888-774-5889 today to hear about what our experts in fundraising can do for you and your group.

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