School Fundraising Programs - RI

School  Fundraising in Rhode Island

School fundraising in Rhode Island raises money for student enrichment programs, music and the arts, high school sports, field trips, and class trips. From Woonsocket to New Shorham, parent-teacher groups look for fundraising programs that have a proven formula for success, programs that high school and elementary level students can “sell” easily.  The ideal program would offer products for resale that are enjoyed by a wide spectrum of consumers. High quality product offerings that sell themselves easily and become perennial favorites in the community are the vehicle for high profits. Lastly, fundraising committees want a  fundraising program that gives incentives for high sales and profits.  Let us introduce ourselves: we are MCM Fundraising, and we have become a leader in the business of school fundraising.

Earn Up to 50% Profit

You want to raise as much money for your school as possible.  Students and their parents welcome a fundraising project that has appeal for the general public. The program should be easily sold by young children, teens and their parents with simplicity. Our outstanding products and brands will capture your consumer’s attention while earning you up to 50% profit.

Unique Programs

We have unique fundraisers with top brands such as Kansas Maid™ braided pastries, Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough and Lyman Orchards® pie and crisp so the value of your fundraiser goes from good to great. With that homemade taste so easy and convenient, these products will be a hit for families to enjoy time and time again!

A Winning Combination

MCM Fundraising is has developed six successful fundraising programs from which to choose.  The MCM Team will provide the incentives, ideas, and social media tips to generate buzz in your community. A leader in New England states and parts of New York, we look forward to working with you. With a little effort and the MCM team on your side, expect to meet – and exceed – your school fundraising goals.