Improve School Fundraising Sales - Waterbury CT

The cost of school athletics programs is high. By the time Spring comes around, your Football, Soccer, Cheerleading, Basketball and school trip budgets are exhausted. At MCM Fundraising, we team up with your school fundraising committee, determine your needs, help you set goals, and work with you until you have met or exceeded your goal!

One of the secrets to a successful school fundraising campaign is engagement and enthusiasm among the students in Waterbury. People often ask us how to generate excitement, so we offer some methods used in other schools across the region. We find that among high school students, staging a fun activity will get people talking about your school and your fundraising efforts in the community.

Principal and faculty involvement in Waterbury Fundraising

Involving the principal, parents and teachers in the publicity campaigns as well as the fulfillment process can be fun. One incentive for the school to meet or exceed school fund raising goals would be to dye the principal’s hair in your school’s colors. When your principal is in on the gag, it can be fun to let the top selling student smush a cream pie squarely in the principal’s face during a school assembly.

For various levels of sales goals, we offer the following ideas :
• meet the principal for lunch
• distribute school dance tickets
• offer athletic event tickets
• offer free movie tickets
• take an entire class to the movies

Teachers can talk up the fundraising campaign during home room time. During opening announcements, classes leading the way in sales can get the students competing with their rival class teams. Offer an incentive to teachers such as restaurant gift certificates or store gift cards to bring their team in at the top. Make it fun, engage the community and get publicity for your campaign.

Parental involvement in Waterbury School fundraising

Parents can do a great deal when they take the school fundraising goals into their workplace or social groups. Work associates, neighbors and family friends are always eager to lend a hand when asked to support their local high school. Email campaign flyers to parents to distribute online or via email.

Free Publicity and Waterbury School Fundraising

Get some buzz going and get the local news media (radio, local tv, newspaper) involved. An imaginative and fun campaign will spread quickly by word of mouth. Parents can use personal social media posts on facebook, instagram, and twitter to blast their followers. Enthusiasm is infectious! Be imaginative and make it fun and everyone will want to be part of the success! The MCM Fundraising Team will help, providing ideas and support… and don’t forget the Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough, Lyman Orchards® pies and fruit crisps, and Braided Pastry, Herb Bread and Cinnamon Rolls by Kansas Maid™. They are favorites for all ages.