School Fundraiser Kingston RI

Getting ready to plan your school fundraiser Kingston RI? Online fundraising is becoming a popular option these days! Even though traditional or ‘offline’ fundraising methods are still extremely effective, online fundraising has opened doors to a new world of opportunities. Here are some benefits of using the online method for your school fundraiser.

You Get a Wider Reach

When you raise pledges online, you surpass geographic limitations. You can increase awareness for your project and attract potential donors through email and social media channels. You can also create hype for your event through celebrity endorsements and social media influencers. Online fundraising is usually more productive than many traditional methods.

It’s a Cost-effective option

Print campaigns usually require thousands of dollars just to implement. They require manpower to organize and distribute written material. They also consume staff time to count and recount pledges. An email marketing and a vivid social media presence can be responsive yet cost-effective. Online pledges are affordable, convenient, and require less time. Through this, you can maximize your profits.

It Provides Ease and Convenience

Signing online pledges can be convenient and easy to manage. You do not have to go door-to-door in order to acquire the pledges. You also don’t have to manage large amounts of money manually after the collection. With online fundraising, your pledges can be signed online, and the money can be transferred electronically.

Why Choose Us?

Organizing your Kingston RI school fundraiser with MCM Fundraising can be a great experience. We utilize social media and texting to increase awareness of campaigns and offer online purchasing and accept credit card payments. We organize orders, tally them, collect credit card payments and ship the product to your family and friends locally and nationwide. Our email-based system also engages and motivates participants throughout the course of your campaign.

Need help with publicizing your campaign in or around Kingston? Trust your social media needs to MCM Fundraising. Call MCM Fundraising at 1-888-774-5889 to hear more about what our professionals can do for you and your group.


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