Successful Fundraising - Hartford CT

In Hartford, CT and surrounding areas, your fund raising efforts are at the mercy of hundreds of groups vying for the same goal: a successful fundraising event. At MCM Fundraising, we have six successful fundraising programs from which to choose.

Which program is right for you? Choose from 6 unique programs that will set you apart. MCM provides your group with personalized service to help you set your goals and get you started. We allow partial case ordering and quick turnaround time. Achieve over 95 sales and receive FREE delivery. MCM Fundraising delivers your product right to your school, meeting or practice.

Program 1:  Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastry

We recently switched our pastry from Butter Braid® pastry to Kansas Maid™ braided pastry. You’ll love the buttery taste and texture of Kansas Maid™ braided pastry. Best yet, our braided pastries are made in a NUT FREE facility!

Program 2:   Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough and Lyman Orchards® Crisp

Each 2.5 lb. box of Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough contains approximately 36 – 1oz. pre-portioned cookies. For 275 years, Lyman Orchards® has been making fresh fruit desserts the old-fashioned way, one at a time. We deliver the crisp frozen, ready for you to bake for a special occasion!

Program 3:  Kansas Maid™ Pastry and Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough

Program 4:  Lyman Orchards® Pie

Program 5: Lyman Orchards® Pie and Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough

Program 6: Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastry and Lyman Orchards® Crisp

MCM fundraisers are designed with you in mind so they are simple to understand and easy to sell. Take advantage of partial case ordering, with quick turnaround time and convenient FREE delivery right to your organization with 95+ items sold. You will enjoy up to a 50% profit margin on the items sold. Now THAT is success!