How does the process work?

See our Group Leader Guide

What am I responsible for?

A group leader is essential for communicating with both MCM and the fundraiser participants.

You are responsible for:

  1. Facilitating delivery/pickup.
  2. Entering participants' e-mails OR having the Principal forward the e-mail to the list of participants.
  3. Entering the paper orders into the online Tally Sheet manually.

Your role makes a huge difference in the success of the group, so first and foremost, THANK YOU!

You also play a large role in keeping the group focused on their goal. Communicating with families makes a big difference. Making announcements, sending reminders and generating excitement around the program all positively affect the outcome of your fundraiser.

How do I get back into the online system?

You can sign back in at my.mcmfundraising.com and use your email and password.

How do I get you the money?

If the majority of orders are online, we will send you a check for your profit of those items.

If the majority are paper orders, you will owe us payment at delivery.

How much profit are we making?

Our profit scale is sliding, so the more you sell the more you make!

Go here: www.mcmfundraising.com/programs

Click on the program you are running to see your profit scale

How does delivery work?

Go here: http://www.mcmfundraising.com/delivery-tips

*E-Commerce leaders MUST print out the Tally Sheet and the participants' order forms prior to delivery.

What if people don’t come pick up their product?

Have a game plan in place and let people know!

Determine whether or not you have any available freezer space to keep product overnight.

If not, let the participants know that their product will be donated if it is not picked up on time.

What if people try to turn in their orders after the deadline?

It is up to the group leader’s digression if you would like to take any late orders.

We will do our best to accommodate any late orders, but we cannot always. Give us a call and we can see if an addition if feasible.

How should I organize the orders?

The driver will line up the order by product in the way that it appears on the sheet.

Every box is color coordinated as well, so you should leave the boxes the way that the driver organizes them!

How long can the product be out for at delivery?

Our braided pastry can be out of the freezer for 2-4 hours.

The pie, crisp and cookie dough can be out for 6-8.

Do we need to have a freezer at the space for delivery?

Most places do not have freezer space, so no. We schedule delivery and you can schedule pick-up at an appropriate time, so that the product won’t be left out for too long. You should communicate with participants that because there is not freezer space available, it is important to be prompt for pickup!

I have participants with allergies- what’s in the products?

All of our products have their ingredients listed on our website.

Go here: http://www.mcmfundraising.com/programs

Select the program you are doing and then click on the individual item for a full ingredients list for each!